Best Shopify Apps that can help you sell more

The desires of most Shopify sellers like many online business people are to sell more. One advantage of locating your store with Shopify is the availability of apps that can help businesses sell more. Shopify has hundreds of excellent apps to help merchants manage their day to day business activities which translate to more sales in the end. Below are a few top Shopify apps that can help you sell more if you use them for your business.

  1. Tidio Live Chat

Customers always feel special when they have the opportunity to interact with the business owner while shopping. They feel the connection, and it’s a way to build the scarce trust to make sales in online business. The benefits of adding Tidio Live Chat to your online store brings your closer to the customers, and you can sell your products with ease. Many sellers who understand marketing communication can convince the customer to buy products not originally intended by the client. Tidio Chat also helps you to answer a quick question, allay customer’s fear and sell more.

  • ALT Text

For all e-commerce stores, your visibility in search engine searches is essential to making sales. Millions of dollars are spent monthly on electronic commerce sites to get listed in Google and appear in other search engine searches, but the ALT Text app can boost your performance in search engines especially Google.

What ALT Text app does is crawl images on your store and renames them to Google friendly names thus saves you the time to go through all the products images in your store. When potential customers come to Google to search for products, this App’s job will make the search engine locate your product image and list it on the result page.

Once in your store, the app will index every new image to join the list of optimized images so they can get indexed by the search engine quickly and be listed in result page when customers search.

  1. Exit Offers

When customers are leaving your store, this app will make the last offer they have not seen during their search. This is a good way to push your best offer before the customer to make one final shopping decision before exiting your store.

The way these app works is when the shopper is about to leave and the mouse moves toward the close button of the window; then another pop-up window will appear to share the good news of the offer. Statistics show that this app was responsible for over 1,375% new email for stores’ opt-in form that will power the business email marketing to send more offers and make more sales.

  1. McAfee Secure

Shopping online brings lots of fears, but smart store owners find a way to calm the fear of customers by offering the McAfee Secure app to give customers the assurance of secure transaction when they shop on the site.

People trust McAfee globally as reliable antivirus and anti-theft app and bringing it to your site can make you get more checkouts.

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