The coming of Internet brought with it so many opportunities including threats from cyber thieves. These criminals are intelligent individuals who understand how the information technology works. The activity of these cyber criminals is putting every online business and customer into perpetual fear from dishonest people.

Due to the massive investments in doing business online, there is need to protect that investment from activities of cyber criminals by strengthening the point of sale system to protect customers’ money from going into the pockets of the online thieves. To secure your e-commerce business and protect your customers to build trust and confidence, here are five steps to ensure your point of sale system is secure.

  1. Think the way the cyber criminals think

To fight your enemy, you need to know their game plan and how they think. Study about crimes says no criminal wants to waste time or be caught, that way they go after unsecured premises as they know some people will leave their premises unguarded. In like manner, e-commerce sites that have no firewall, or lack security backbone are more vulnerable. Many systems relying on default settings are the easy targets for cyber criminals. If you know this, your best bet is providing adequate security to protect your system from being breached by criminals.


  1. Meet industry compliance requirement

Every industry has its peculiar criminal threats, and there are industry watchers who have provided a benchmark to protect members from falling prey to the marauding predators. For e-commerce sites, you need to take PCI compliance more importantly and meet regulatory security standards. There are PCI DSS requirements to protect you and cover your vulnerability, go with the industry security watchdog recommendations and be protected.

  1. PA-DSS Validate Application

The Payment Application Data Security Standard helps merchants protect customers’ data through improved security control, working in conjunction with PCI DSS system. It requires proper maintenance to guarantee long term POS security solution. You need to install this security system to double protect your POS system from cybercriminal vulnerability.

  1. Engage certified professionals for your POS security

There are Qualified Integrators and Resellers (QIR) under PCI council that provide a program for enhancing POS safe transaction. You will be acting within the compliant recommendation to engage qualified professionals from the approved body to handle your security training and system setup. When you go through such training, you will be educated on the guiding principles and procedures for providing secure installation and maintenance of your payment applications to improve PCI DSS compliance.

  1. Change the default setting

The default setting is not a system meant to be kept at the point of usage; it is only a standard configuration which can guide you to know that you have implemented you in-house security improvement. Why will the manufacturer go through the rigor of protecting an empty system? They don’t need to setup the system for high-security protection, and it’s a default known to anyone knowledgeable about the system.

When it comes to protecting your payment system from cybercriminals, you need to that you are not alone. All you need to do is follow industry recommendation, and with the above five steps, you should have secured your POS system.

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